1. Warranty period

    • All SETS except Janty® eGo JETS or Janty® DURA JDTS

      6 Months warranty on atomizers

      3 Months warranty on Batteries

    • Janty® JETS sets

      3 Month warranty on atomizers

      6 Months warranty on Batteries

    • Janty® NEO Classic sets

      28 Days warranty on puromizers

      3 Months warranty on Batteries


    Some products marked as TAWA or LR carry a 24 hour "on arrival warranty". These products are the exact same quality as the warranted products, produced in the same production line, in the same batch as the warranted products. We want to offer you the opportunity to buy our products at a cheaper price and therefore we have created TAWA or LR product lines.  The TAWA or LR products are sold cheaper than the same type warranted products and come with a 24 hour warranty. Please make sure to inform us within 24 hours of arrival of your order in case you would find any malfunction.