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Pack of 5 wicks for eGo-X

Replaceable Wick:

Use a tweezer to pull out the old wick from the cone. Use a tweezer to hold a new wick: position the new wick into the wick connector hole inside the cone. Clean your wick regularly with warm water and replace the wick when the wick remains stained black even after washing with warm water.

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  • Use only Janty dedicated components. Proper operation procedures must be followed to prevent malfunction and damage to the product. We do not accept warranty claims if you use other operation procedures than the ones stipulated herewith.
  • Keep the device separate from other items, for example: keys or spare change, which could collide with the device causing cosmetic or functional damage to the unit itself. Warranty claims for scratches on the body of the Janty product or atomizer will not be accepted.
  • For your safety, do not leave Janty batteries unattended while it is recharging. Do not charge on carpets, couches, near curtains or other flammable items. ALWAYS charge on a NON FLAMMABLE surface in a NON FLAMMABLE area with at least 1 meter distance to any nearest flammable object.
  • Do not try to dismantle the battery compartment. Opening the battery compartment or button department voids all warranty claims. In the case that a problem should arise with the product, please go to your reseller/seller and bring the kit.

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