MiD "One" Starter Kit

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Christopher Morss - Lundi, 03 Juin 2013

My only trouble with this device is the protruding connector, which to my understanding, will have a sleeve released soon to cover it up. Apart from
that it's utterly amazing, I favour it over my ProVari when at home. If you like high watt vaping with mechanical mods, just be notified that you will
need to rebuild for the MiD, it tends not to like low res atties. Anything over 1.8 Ohm will let you hit 20W+, Anything under 1 Ohm and it won't fire
at all. But if you build your coils for the MiD, you're going to love it! Many shy from the MiD due to the notification of data via a blinking light.
I can tell you now it's not bad at all. Quite simple really. In a day and a half I had this device mastered! Counting blinking lights isn't hard and
you don't spend much time doing it anyway. Give it a try on the next batch, it's a spectacular device!

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